Texas Crime Management
* * * Licensed Security Contractor * * *
Locally Owned and Operated
Since 1997

Licensed by the Texas
Department of Public Safety  
Private Security Bureau
License # C08931
Commercial - Industrial -
Residential - Office
Buildings - On Site &
Patrol Service

24/7 Response
About T.C.M.

TEXAS CRIME MANAGEMENT was established ten years ago by a group of private
citizens and security specialist.  This group of individuals realized that traditional law
enforcement agencies could not effectively safeguard private property.  This is the
reason why you find a good number of private security agencies owned by current, ex
or retired police officers.  They know in most case when 911 is called, the crime is in
process and generally completed by the time the police officer arrives.  This is know in
police departments as being a reactive department.  Because of this situation, and
based on their own experiences, this group felt the security industry needed a boost by
providing a more unique service then what was currently available.
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